Advanced Tips for Reversing Heart Disease-Transformation TV-Episode #018


  1. Thanks for this valuable information. When you say eat more onions and
    garlic what is the best way to prepare it?
    Do you mean eat it raw? Does anyone know?

    1. Onions and garlic are optional. The most important thing is to eat a purely
      plant based diet with no added oils, as recommended by Dr Esselstyn.

    2. I would say that vegetables from the onion family are not optional. I saw a
      video of a doctor who reversed her severe MS and she eats 3 cups each per
      day of onion/cabbage family veggies, tubers/roots, and leafy veggies.

  2. what is the recommended dosage for an omega 3 supplement for somebody with
    congestive heart failure

    1. You should start by not listening to this quack Dr Axe. Do not take fish
      oil it will make your heart disease worse. Just eat fruit veggies nuts
      seeds and beans. You will love a long life this way.

  3. Oh my god this video is completely full of misinformation!! Fish oil is a
    good source of fat???? It is oxidized and rancid animal saturated fat,
    nothing could be worse for your heart! Please avoid this guy. Dr, dietary
    cholesterol is OXIDIZED!!! Come on man, you are spreading dangerous crap.
    Please stop.

  4. Check all the recent studies, fish oil DOES NOT WORK. It is unhealthy
    animal fat. It’s processed, oxidized, and goes rancid before you eat it.
    It’s also toxic from mercury contamination. Dr Axe, didn’t you say toxic
    metals give you heart disease but you recommend fish??? Stop making these
    asinine videos!

    1. There are good fats and bad fats, fish oil is a good fat and if you want to
      be sure that there are no heavy metals in the fish oil then make sure the
      fish oil is made from herring and sardines or some other small fish because
      these small fish don’t live long enough to accumulate the heavy metals.

    2. +Greg Letter in theory yes fish oil has omega 3’s but only because the fish
      got them from the sea plants. the way fish oil is produced by the time it
      gets to you it is rancid, and it’s highly processed, so oxidized, and it
      DOES have heavy metals and cholesterol!! AVOID!!!

    3. +skringler loo i see you in the comments, your going in!!!!

    4. You are right. Uncooked raw extra virgin olive oil, taken everyday by the
      tablespoon and also drizzled on foods, is better than fish oil. It’s full
      of omega 3 fatty acids.

  5. hey Doctor I’m a 49 yro male ,and I drink 1 class of unsweetened almond
    milk a day,its claims to have more calcium than milk, is this healthy
    because of the high amounts of calcium?

    1. Calcium isnt bad but a bad diet allows calcium to deposit in arteries ..
      Make sure you get enough magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is the catalyst
      which directs calcium to your bones and away from arteries.. 80% of the
      population is deficient in magnesium. Try using magnesium oil that you
      simply rub on your skin.. youtube magnesium oil .. Its easy to make at home.

    2. +desertsun100 what do you make it out of, plants? Id rather just get it out
      of the food directly ie. Seaweeds n greens

    3. +desertsun100 thank you

    4. +{ Ace-Kid97 } thank you

    5. +{ Ace-Kid97 }
      .. You can buy pure magnesium chloride flakes online or get them at
      specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods etc.. Also you need distilled
      water which you can get at any grocery store..

      boil one cup of distilled water in a glass measuring cup or bowl ( i
      usually just microwave it). After it boils turn off heat and add one cup
      magnesium chloride flakes and stir until completely dissolved. Let cool and
      pour into spray bottle. Use it to spray on all parts of your body like in
      the morning and evening.. You can wash it off after 1/2 hour if you like or
      leave it on all day which i do..I usually spray it on my torso, under arms
      etc. It can leave an oily feeling but its really not noticeable… Hope
      this helps.

      ps. Make sure you use magnesium chloride and NOT magnesium sulfate which is
      epsom salt.

  6. Is there a point where exercise becomes dangerous? I suspect I have clogged
    arteries and I’m worried that exercise might do me more harm than good at
    this point.

  7. Here are some other supplements to check out.
    Serrapeptase – Barlean’s Flax seed Oil taken with either Evening primrose,
    Black currant or Borage oil – carditone – Selenium – Real vitamin C not
    ascorbic acid and taken with grape seed – Resveratrol – Magnesium Orotate –
    Potassium – Hawthorn berry – L-carnitine – reishi mushrooms – L-arginine –
    NAC – copper – aloe vera – .Red onions

    1. +{ Ace-Kid97 }
      You just did add it, now I have to go look up red onions.

    2. +{ Ace-Kid97 }
      Right on, thanks for the info.

  8. You’re wrong Dr. Axe. White rice, white sugar and white bread has not been
    shown to cause heart disease. Meat is acidic and high in salt. Calcified
    cholesterol IS what causes heart disease. Telling people to avoid carbs
    will not stop, prevent or reverse hearth disease.

    1. Hes not wrong.. Carbs arent bad you just need to eat good carbs.. SUGAR is
      BAD. Cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease.. Sugar and bad diet causes
      cholesterol to build in artery walls and calcify.

    2. no, even if you were eating only meat you would get too much cholesterol
      and it would get fixed in your arteries, cholesterol DOES cause heart
      disease, inflammation and saturated fat also contribute but cholesterol us
      the main cause

    3. Trans fats and hydrogenated milk and other foods are the problem

  9. My guess is that people who are getting heart disease due to diet are
    eating a large number of unhealthy foods besides white bread. Although I
    have heard that the body treats white bread like sugar which is not healthy
    for the heart.

  10. Thank you Dr. this videi is very informative.

  11. What do you do about exercise when it feels like your heart will implode
    and your chest hurts just from doing simple things? Do you fight threw the
    pain or should you stop right away?

    1. I would go to a doctor to ask if it is OK to exercise. I’m on heart
      medication to reduce my heart rate (thyroid issue) and the specialist says
      I can’t exercise. I would feel that my heart would explode, though! My MD
      says it’s OK to walk. I compromised and picked up my house chore routine.
      Easy does it.

    2. i feel the same. I’m planning to go to Internal Medicine Doctor to consult

    3. My doctors now say that it is OK for me to exercise. I just got off my
      heart medication and feel things are still adjusting in my body. So, I have
      very slowly begun to do some resistance work with some bands and just using
      my body. I am not ready to do lots of cardio (doctor actually still advised
      against doing a 550 stair walk that I used to do all the time). I feel that
      I will get there though! Tomorrow, I will do a bike ride. Not sure how
      long, but about 5 k. I’m still ready to do lots more, but will take it slow
      and steady.

  12. White rice ,white breads fried foods Sugars are not good for your heart
    and arteries.

  13. I’m having a heart problem. It always hurts. When it hurts, my chest will
    follow to ache. I need advise from an authority.

    1. you need to go vegan check out john mc dougall – the starch solution. and
      the movie forks over knives. then you need to remove any infection or
      bacterial viral fungal, be it in your environment or in your teeth or

    2. Selenium . Also add ancient minerals magnesium oil 4 times aday . All over
      your body . Takes about 5 months .

    3. Go on a sugar free and grain free diet. Eat real unpackaged foods. Quality
      over quantity.

  14. how i healed: low fat diet stopped the symptoms of my heart problems
    immediately. as soon as the fat pased out of my blood stream, my heart
    would get more and more normal. information on a low fat (vegan) diet is
    best found by DR JOHN MCDOUGALL, MCDOUGALL DIET. i know fats have health
    benefits but fat is hard work for your heart. CLEAN FRESH AIR (indoor air
    quality!) AND WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my opinion, along with POMEGRANATE
    JUICE!!!!!!!!! (nitric oxide).and gluten free. those are the solid
    takeaways here:

    1. >extremely low fat< 100% real food diet, no oils especially not cooked oils and LEARN ABOUT THE OMEGA 3 TO 6 RATIO. 2. CLEAN FRESH AIR &WATER if you cannot drink from a well than i recommend spring water personally. open the windows in your home and if your indoor air is compromised, get a new home!!!! a tent is better than a toxic air'd home if you are about to die of heart disease 3. pomegranate juice, your standard POM wonderful worked for me. other things to consider after completing those crucial top 3 are gluten free and EMF radiation (wifi, cell phones, smart meters, etc.) and dental infections which youtube'ing >dr lonnie herman< can teach you about. bacteria viruses toxins in any way contribute extremely heart disease, remove any potential offenders

  15. Lipitor caused my mother to develop non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.
    Although she didn’t die from the liver problem, she died from calcium
    toxicity because the nursing home gave her calcium supplements that were
    unnecessary. No one should take drugs for cholesterol or calcium.

  16. Your videos are so fantastic. My husband had such muscle soreness from his
    statins he finally went off of them!!I’m hoping he will watch this video.
    Wish me luck!

  17. Does disordered nail and finger cause heart diseases

  18. Very good info … Thanks

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