Scientists say even just 2.5 portions daily can lower chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and premature death Five portions of fruit and veg a day is good for you, but 10 is much better and could prevent up to 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide every year, say scientists. The findings of the study led by Imperial College London may dismay the two in three adults who struggle to manage three or four portions perhaps some tomatoes in a sandwich at lunchtime, an apple and a few spoonfuls of peas at dinner. All of that is good because a daily intake of even 200g, orRead More →

Despite being able to appreciate art, fake cry and understand basic physics, it takes infants years to see clearly. Eye clinic Clinic Compareworked with a consultant atMoorfields Eye Hospital in London to develop a GIF that shows how babies learn to see the world around them every month for their first year on earth. It shows that children cannot really focus on their parents’ faces, even close up, until they’re around three months old. Even then, a child’s vision doesn’t fully mature until they’re almost two. Angunawela told Business Insider that, from the moment a child opens their eyes for the first time, the visualRead More →

Kimmel, whose baby son Billy required surgery shortly after birth to repair a congenital heart problem, tweeted to Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Sunday: No family should be denied medical care, emergency or otherwise, because they cant afford it. Cassidy himself first coined what he called theJimmy Kimmel test in early May during a CNN interview when asked about caps on insurance coverage in Trumpcare. Cassidy said in his latest interview Sunday on CBS that he hasnt yet decided how he will vote on the Senates version of Trumpcare, which will eject some 23 million people from health insurance and will carve $800 billion out ofRead More →

Before you start looking for a butter substitute or a replacement for the milk in your coffee, you want to refrain from snagging somecoconut oil, as tempting as it sounds. As it turns out, one of the worlds most depressing studies in addition to the one aboutnegative side effects of white wine will ruin your day by letting you know that coconut oil is, in fact, unhealthy. What a way to start the week, huh? Giphy I just dont know who is pushing it, but its not scientists, Frank Sacks, heart disease specialist at Harvard School of Public Healthsaid in a statementabout our beloved oil.Read More →