Between 2009-10 and 2012-13, health spending was cut in real terms by about 3.6% in Wales. During the same period, the English health budget was increasing, albeit at under 1% a year in real terms, which was less than the average yearly growth of 4% seen under the previous Labour government. However, since 2012-13, health spending in Wales has increased from £6bn to close to £7bn in 2016-17. The Wales Audit Office notes an average 2.9% annual increase in real terms during this period. This tops spending increases in England, which have averaged 2% per year since 2013. In fact, Wales now spends £64 moreRead More →

“Under 30 degrees, factoring in the wind chill, it’s not going to be safe for any dog to be outside for an extended period of time,” said Dr. Kim Smyth, a staff veterinarian with Petplan insurance. “You can buy yourself a little bit of time with warm weather clothing.” If you aren’t using booties, wipe down your dog’s paws when they come inside and check their pads for redness or swelling. Flickr / Meade Certain conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease can make it harder for dogs to regulate their body temperature. The cold can also make conditions like arthritis worse. Besides bundlingRead More →

Recommendation Currently cardiologists can tell from the timing of the heartbeat in scans if there is a problem. But even the best doctors get it wrong in one in five cases. Patients are either sent home and have a heart attack or they undergo an unnecessary operation. An artificial intelligence system developed at the John Radcliffe Hospital diagnoses heart scans much more accurately. It can pick up details in the scans that doctors can’t see. It then gives a recommendation – positive – which means that it believes that there is a risk of the patient having a heart attack The system has been testedRead More →

While holding his 7-month-old son Billy, who underwent a second heart surgery last week after being born with congenital heart disease, the late-night host discussed the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night. The program is in jeopardy because Congress failed to secure funding in October. According to the Washington Post, CHIP provides low-cost health care to 9 million children across the country. He then slammed representatives in Washington D.C. for failing to secure funding for such a crucial program and encouraged viewers to get involved.  Check out the full segment in the video above. Download Read more: More →

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, we craved energy-dense foods packed with salts, fats, and sugars because they ensured our survival. Nowadays, those in wealthy nations have easy access to a cornucopia of treats, and it’s one of the driving causes of obesity, itself linked to a plethora of health afflictions. The US government has only recently updated its health guidelines to advise people to cut out a lot of sugar from their diets, but as highlighted in two recent studies, the sugar industry has been aware of its dangers for at least half a century. “The sugar industry did not disclose evidence of harmRead More →

We don’t know about you, but we’re always quite excited by any news story that starts with the phrase “scientists have accidentally created” – it’s either going to be something incredible or it’ll be the future plot of a Hollywood movie. The latest accident features the use of some very quirky genetic manipulation. Courtesy of Indiana University (IU), we now have beetles with functional third eyes. As pointed out by a rather marvelous press release by the university, this may make people think of the Three-Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. This beetle isn’t likely to be a clairvoyant, but it’s certain to provide aRead More →