In its report, the CQC highlighted: Staffing shortages with vacancy rates in the NHS rising by 16% over the last two years despite an increase in staff of 4% Bed shortages in hospitals with occupancy levels being consistently above recommended levels since April 2012 Falling numbers of nursing homes beds – down by 4,000 in two years at a time when more are needed Rising numbers of people not getting support for their social care needs with the numbers hitting 1.2m, up 18% in a year Number of detentions under the Mental Health Act up by a fifth in two years to more than 63,000Read More →

There’s something about health and nutrition folk wisdom that’s resistant to truth. Common health “facts” include the ideas that MSG will make you sick, that a juice detox is just what you need after a week of indulgence, and that sports drinks like Gatorade are totally fine since you need the electrolytes. None of these things are true. They, like many other folk sayings and tips, fall into the category of health myths that are totally or at least mostly wrong. Here’s the truth behind some of those health claims you’ve heard all your life, but might not hold water at all. 1. MSG inRead More →