They found women were on average less likely than men to receive the recommended treatments after a heart attack. Prof Chris Gale, of the University of Leeds, who co-authored the study, said this is because: “There’s misconception amongst the general public and healthcare professionals about what heart attack patients are like. “Typically, when we think of a heart attack patient, we see a middle-aged man who is overweight, has diabetes and smokes. “This is not always the case; heart attacks affect the wider spectrum of the population – including women.” Gender differences In one specific heart condition, women were 34% less likely to receive proceduresRead More →

God & Man Are you a human? If so, you’ve likely been floating through the holiday haze, and now it’s 2018 and you have no tangible goals for the new year. Say what you will about New Year’s Resolutions, but thinking of a new year as a fresh start is a powerful mind hack for creating the kind of change you’d like to see in your life. Here are 16 legit resolutions that will actually make 2018 kick ass. Choose some or all, but make sure you have a plan that breaks each one into baby steps or smaller milestones, is realistic, and that youRead More →