The American Health Care Act, the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan, passed the Houseof Representatives on Thursday. What counts as a preexisting condition that could get you denied coverage under the new plan? A lot. The billraises concerns, especially from patient advocacy groups and physicians, that under the AHCA, people with preexisting conditions will once again find health insurance inaccessible. Preexisting conditions were a term used by insurance companies before the Affordable Care Act to classify certain diseases or health problems that could deny a person insurance coverage or make their coverage more expensive than those whowere considered healthy. Before the ACA An estimated 27% ofRead More →

Six years of brutal conflict and unspeakable atrocities have left some of Syrias children desperately wishing for their own deaths, according to a heartbreaking new report fromSave the Children.Many are living in a constant state of fear and toxic stress, the humanitarian group warns. At least 3 million children have been born into the conflict, and those who remain in Syria are extremely vulnerable to immense psychological damage, increasing their longterm risks of self-harm, drug abuse and suicide, the report says. Many of Syrias children have seen their families torn apart, and witnessed loved ones suffer and die before their eyes. Two-thirds have been injuredRead More →

Fat shaming doesnt just hurt a person’s self-esteem. Studies show it can take a real toll on physical health too. And according to a new review of research presented this week the American Psychological Association annual convention, doctors are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to making people feel ashamed of the number on the scale.  That statement may come as a surprise if you think of fat-shaming as mainly something that happens in social situations or over the Internetor something that women do to themselves. But it definitely resonates with those whove experienced it firsthand. RELATED: 12 Plus-Size Swimsuits That Are Ready for the Beach According to the review, this type ofRead More →

This last stance that allowing women to control their own bodies is analogous to an economic system that depended on stripping women and men of control of their own bodies may strike many as an absurd reach that makes Bush an offensive outlier. Outside an abortion clinic in Huntsville, Alabama, last month, protesters held signs reading Babies are murdered here and I stand against Planned Parenthood. They also held signs featuring a photo of a black toddler they claimed to have helped save from an abortion provider by talking the childs mother out of having an abortion. People think its okay because its legal andRead More →