Mrs Pitts told the Basingstoke inquest her husband had complained the steak was a bit chewy but when asked by the waiter if he wanted it changed, he said that it was “probably just the cow”. “It was his sense of humour,” she added. She continued: “I just saw him coughing and I thought he had something which catches. “I told him to have a glass of water, and with that his arms went down and he just fell backwards into his chair.” Blocked airways Staff at the restaurant attempted to resuscitate Mr Pitts and put him in the recovery position until paramedics arrived, theRead More →

Maranatha Pizarras I had always been a healthy girl. I never struggled with any major illness, and the only time I was in a hospital outside of childbirth was to accompany my parents when my little brother needed stitches or had an asthma attack. I rarely took medication because I rarely needed it, and the only knowledge I had about remedies other than baby aspirin and Mercurochrome was from reading the expired boxes of Alka-Seltzer in my dad’s medicine cabinet. But that was then, before I turned thirty and fell hard and fast in love with a man who would later be diagnosed with NarcissisticRead More →

Avocados have become a staple for nutritious eating because of their healthy fats and potassium-rich insides. But it turns out, that’s not even the most nutritious part. A recent study from the American Chemical Society says that we’ve been throwing away the healthiest part of the nutrient-dense fruit – the seed. Researchers for this study have found that the seed husk – the delicate membrane outside of the avocado seed – contains chemical compounds that could be used to treat a number of debilitating diseases. PRIME RIB RESTAURANT ‘HURT BY’ UNFAIR TREATMENT FOLLOWING WAITER’S REMARKS “It could very well be that avocado seed husks, whichRead More →