1. was a good compilation UNTIL the last one that said ditch the ‘animal
    fat’……. how wrong!

    1. Animal fat and animal based foods (dairy and meat) are not really healthy
      for us!

      Please watch this clip from the film ‘Eating’ to learn more:
      REVERSE Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and more… WITHOUT Drugs!!

    2. I agree with justmeint1. Actually, I think you do too. Fish is an animal,
      right? You probably take fish oil? And that’s just the first clue.

    3. +david alas
      No, I don’t fish oil but it probably is helpful for people.

    4. I disagree its to much animal fats not meat. junk food, smoking, alcohol,
      and lack of exercise that are bad for us

  2. May I ask who produced this excellent video, how and when? Thank you.

    1. I compiled this video using publicly available clips of various news
      Uploaded November 2013.

    Video: MIT Scientist Raymond Francis, Discussing the Dangers of Statin Drugs
    8 minute Video https://youtu.be/TZomZEPBdbM
    1. Builds and maintains healthy cell membranes.
    2. Improves cell signaling in support of T-cell, B-cell and other immune
    3. Nerve myelin sheath, high in cholesterol, provides insulation for more
    efficient conduction of nerve impulses.
    4. The liver converts cholesterol to bile which aides in the intestinal
    absorption of fats as well as vitamin A, D, E & K (fat-soluble vitamins).
    5. Cholesterol is a precursor molecule for the making of Vitamin D.
    6. Cholesterol is a precursor molecule for the making of the steroid
    hormones cortisol and aldosterone.
    7. Cholesterol is a precursor molecule for the making of sex hormones
    progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, along with their derivatives,
    thereby contributing to emotional and physical balance.
    8. Cholesterol may also act as an antioxidant.
    9. High cholesterol levels were shown by both Professor David R. Jacobs and
    Dr. Carlos Iribarren to reduce vulnerability to infection, intestinal
    disease and respiratory disease.
    10. High cholesterol levels contribute to longevity. A study by Dr. Harlan
    Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University,
    reported in 1994 that old people with high cholesterol levels died half as
    often from a heart attack as did old people with a low cholesterol.
    11. 90% of all cardiovascular disease occurs among those 60 and older.
    Therefore, theoretically, with higher cholesterol levels among all older
    people, cardiovascular disease could be reduced by an astounding 45%!
    12. What are considered normal, healthy Total Blood Cholesterol Levels?
    —Cholesterol levels between 200-240 mg/dl are considered normal and
    desirable (even higher numbers than these in older women are considered
    optimal in that they are associated with promoting longevity).
    13. Total Cholesterol levels below 200 lead to emotional instability, low
    self-control, aggression, violence, & suicide. (Oxford Professor David
    14. Plaque buildup in the arteries (atherosclerosis) is not caused by fatty
    Warning Note: If you are on a medication, never just stop taking it without
    notifying your doctor or druggist.

    Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

    1. Thank you very much. You are right on. Can I copy this, including your
      name, and paste to other misinformed posters?
      And could you do a 14. step outline on what statins do to the body, please.

    2. Great info!

      I fully agree with all of it. Please check out the text section below my
      video for confirmation.

    3. +HealthRanger7 Ha, ha, excellent, this is what happens when I am trying to
      get the word out too fast, and miss reading what is already there.

      Enlightening as many people as we can, we will move this planet in the
      right direction, thanks for your help! Doc Blake

  4. I quit listening as soon as he said he lowered his cholesterol with diet
    and exercise. Any time you drop some weight you will see a drop in
    cholesterol for a while. But is that desirable?
    Listen to Dr. Jonny Bowden;s The great cholesterol myth.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I fully agree with you that cholesterol is NOT
      bad for us at all!

      This video is primarily meant for people who are currently using statins.
      After they stop using statins, they will hopefully realize that the whole
      cholesterol idea is totally wrong.

  5. I lost one of my oldest Internet friends (since 15 years) to statins. He is
    still alive. But he isn’t there anymore. I remember the interesting
    conversations we had. Now he always guesses what it is we talk about and he
    usually gets it wrong. He repeats the same stuff every day like it is news,
    been going on for a few years now, heard the same stuff about 500 times
    now. He knows his memory is bad. It’s is actually VERY poor. I ask him to
    hold the statins and see if he improves. He agrees because he wants his
    memory back. But it always ends up he takes the pill because he does not
    remember us talking about it. I say to him to write a note but he doesn’t
    understand the notes he has written in the past because for him they lack
    context. He had several episodes of transient global amnesia (one he was so
    disoriented that the cops thought he was a danger and nearly shot him). The
    episodes scare him and he swears not to take the statin again. But day
    after he forgot he had the episode. The doctor thinks he is FINE. The doc
    does not think he has a side effect nor dementia. I don’t think this is
    dementia because he can’t walk anymore and he chokes on food and his feet
    are curling inwards so he is almost standing on the top of his feet when he
    tries standing. He used to be like if he ever got to this mental state he
    wanted to die, but now he seems content. He used to get anxious so they
    gave him meds for that to chill him out. His mood has also changed, he used
    to have a full spectrum of feelings, now he only has passive and childishly

    I wish the people that put him on this and continues seeing him and
    prescribing this will have a similar fate themselves. Where everyone leaves
    them because they don’t remember them anymore so they sit passively on a
    chair all day for seven years not knowing what is going on with their
    brains and no way out. I hope they also lose everything.

  6. BS. Nothing wrong with animal fat. Nothing.

  7. say goodby to most carbohydrates…not “animal fats”

  8. I took statins for one week. I was 50 years old and felt about 90. I
    urinated what looked like pure blood. That was enough for me. It took a
    week to recover and no more problems. That was ten years ago. Don’t take

  9. Its still shock me just how a number of people have no clue about Hybetez
    Remedy (just google search it) despite the fact that a lot of people cures
    their hypertension naturally with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told
    me about it. I’ve eliminated my diabetes problem for good with natural

  10. i am 58..in good health and recently started taking statins..like 2 weeks
    ago…about a week and a half in, my lower back started hurting…after
    four days I started researching to see if the statins could be
    related…this is very scary…my dad is 80 and i just found out he has
    been taking statins for years…simvastin/Zocor like mine…he is going
    thru some kidney issues…this is a vicious circle!

    1. i did stop the meds about three days ago…back still a bit sore…still
      dont know if its even related…the only meds (thank god) i take.

  11. Listed most of the side effects I’m having with Fatigue being the worst. I
    had a stroke back in October of last year and I was lead to believe that
    what I have is PSF= Post Stroke Fatigue. But now I wonder if it’s because
    I’m taking Lipitor?? Going to see my Dr. and talk with him about it

  12. you are right sir. statins cause more harm them good. vitamin and menerals
    depletion. memory loss type 2 diabetes muscle problems. I stopped my
    grandfather’s lipitor and his memory came back 100% within 1 week. he tells
    me everyday he feels 100% better. I added coq10 plus 1000iu of vitamin d he
    said he hasn’t felt this good in a long long time.

  13. the small partical ldl cholesterol is the harmful cholesterol and this is
    caused by inflamation. control the inflamation not the cholesterol. the
    brain needs cholesterol to function properly.

  14. Thank god i found this video cause my dr gave me take lipitor for 3 month i
    was taking already 2 weeks i am going to stop and going for exercise and
    eat healthy food thanks again Health Ranger .

    1. look at taking coenzyme Q10

  15. I dont understand why people say they had to change there doctor, my doctor
    did not want me to come of statins but I told him i will not take them
    anymore I take coenzyme Q10 eat healthy and exercise and starting to feel
    alive again. Before it took a lot of effort just to want to go to the shops
    but 2 week of not taking statins and taking, Q10 I want to go to the gym
    every day, my mind feels clear and alive

  16. More and more cardiologists and nutritionists are becoming aware that
    saturated fats raise HDL, which is beneficial. Doctors freely prescribed
    statins without doing an important test, the LDL particle size. Big
    particle LDL do not cause plaque formation and if someone’s LDL is mainly
    the big particle type, statins will do more harm than good.
    People who had never had a heart attack will not benefit from statins.

  17. im 42 and i started to notice that my Whole body is Sore and Bad Muscle
    Reaction and knee pain and feels tired couldnt remember if i did what im
    suppose to do… And I am taking statin 80 mg…

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  19. Saying goodbye to animal fat is another lie. Turns out your body needs it
    and its really essential and good for you.

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